ATP ace: “I think Roger Federer would be missed.”

The final Fab Four member also desired to honour Roger Federer. The Laver Cup, which will be his final competition, is one week away when the Swiss champion announced his retirement from tennis.

It will not only be the site of Federer‘s final match, but it will also be the first time fans will get to see the Fab Four playing together for Europe. This event will transcend beyond simple competitiveness. Andy Murray has also arrived after Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic‘s homage.

Like his competitors, the Briton wished to recall the accomplishments of the 20-time Swiss champion and their dramatic fights, which included not just Slam contests like the Wimbledon final but also the London Olympics final, which the British won on English grass.

He’s always been a great player, and I’ve had the good fortune to face him in our sport’s major matches, competitions, and venues. Although I didn’t appreciate him all that much at the time, what he accomplished is truly wonderful.

In his Davis Cup press conference, where he pledged to playing for Great Britain in the knockout round of the final phase, he said that he had accomplished something that Rafa and Novak had also accomplished. It’s a sad day for the sport, Andy Murray said, praising Roger Federer‘s career and longevity in particular.

A remarkable career, also as a result of his longevity. I believe, but I could be mistaken, that what he performed in the 2018 Australian Open when he was recovering from knee surgery and all of that was fantastic. All the guys admired him because of the way he played, behaved, and did all that stuff, in my opinion.

Dan Evans discusses Federer.

Dan Evans praised Roger Federer and described him as an everyday, down-to-earth person. “Yeah, I believe the biggest praise I can pay him is that he was a very, very normal person who excelled in king-like status in the sport.

He treated me and everyone others exactly as a regular guy on the street would treat his mate. The highest praise I can bestow upon him is that. It goes without saying that having a practise partner is highly helpful. Yes, he was the type of person whose phone would never ring loudly during a press conference, he admitted.

The former World No. 1 would be missed, according to Evans, and it would be tragic if the younger generation didn’t get to watch him play. No, he was excellent. He would be missed, I believe. On the tour, he would greet everyone.

He was undoubtedly not a kind person to everyone in order to be as accomplished as he was, but he was an incredible competitor. I believe he will be terribly missed. The elder males will experience something different without him present. Yes, it’s bad that the younger generation won’t see how he conducted himself.