“Forever grateful to Roger Federer,” said Stan Wawrinka.

Two adversaries and two teammates, Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka. The two Swiss nationals have engaged in fierce rivalries on the tennis courts, with Federer emerging victorious in 23 of their 26 head-to-head contests.

Only three times has Wawrinka been successful in making an impression on his countryman: twice on the Monte Carlo grounds and once at Roland Garros. In the case of the Monegasque city, the second victory succumbs to the first, since it was the final of the Masters 1000, won by the second Swiss in the ranking; in Paris, on the other hand, it was a quarter-final and the success of the Lausanne player led him to win the Grand Slam title.

More so than their battles as rivals, Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka are known for the triumphs they shared. Men’s doubles gold medalists in the 2008 Olympics, they also helped Switzerland to win the Davis Cup in 2014 by defeating France in the championship match at their home venue of Lille.

Wawrinka specifically wanted to recall these instances for Roger Federer‘s departure to tennis as a tribute to the career of the more accomplished of the two Swiss players.

“Forever grateful to Roger Federer,” said Stan Wawrinka.

Similar to Alcaraz, Wawrinka’s first tweet on Twitter only contained a nice response and three basic emoticons: sad faces, hearts, and goat symbols.

He didn’t start writing about Federer‘s retirement until much later, and he focused primarily on the feelings of his teammates: “I appreciate everything you’ve done for me over the years, pal.

Being on the same squad as you was even more special than it was to play against you on the court. Thankful for all the experiences, both on and off the court, forever. Without you, tennis will never be the same. Enjoy the upcoming phase of your life with your lovely family.”

The youngest of the Swiss sent his former teammate this message. Below you can watch and read both the posts: