Funny response from Daria Saville to depicting Naomi Osaka in Tokyo (WATCH)

When Daria Saville learned she would be facing four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka in the opening round of the Tokyo tournament, her reaction was rather amusing. In Tokyo, Osaka, who is sure to be a fan favourite, will begin her campaign against Saville from Australia.

But instead of reacting negatively when Saville learned that she would be facing Osaka, she had a humorous response. The Australian pointed at Saville so that everyone knew she would be Osaka’s opponent even before the announcer made the announcement.

Saville and Osaka are scheduled to meet once again.

When they meet in Tokyo, Saville, 28, and Osaka, 24, will square off for the second time.

Saville has already defeated Osaka in their encounter during the 2016 Cincinnati qualifying. Saville and Osaka will both resume competition after losing in the US Open’s opening round. Saville implored people to stop viewing Grand Slams as the only competitions that truly mattered after she was defeated by Elena Gabriela Ruse in the first round of the US Open.

“Why do Slams feel so unique compared to other competitions? Slams are chaotic events. 90% of these individuals have come to’support’ their players because it is a Slam tournament even if they never travel to other tournaments. It is crowded and utterly chaotic in the players’ sections.

kin, associates, and agents. While I can’t speak for other players, it gives me the impression that I owe them a victory. I’m not at your workplace to “support” you; I’m here to do my job. I prefer to remain progress-oriented, but during the Slam, all of that is forgotten.

Because you “practise” for the Slam in every other tournament. When I start thinking negatively, all I want to do is win, and I start to believe that everyone else is rooting for me to succeed. Although that’s untrue, it seems like nobody is concerned if I get better.

simply triumph, “In a post on Instagram, Savill. If Saville can defeat local favourite Osaka in the Tokyo first round, it remains to be seen.