Linda Fruhvirtova hopes to continue her successful career after winning her first WTA title.

After defeating her seasoned Polish opponent Magda Linette, this beaming 17-year-old Czech player exclaimed, “(I have) nothing but love for Chennai.” In the three-set dramatic title final, Linda Fruhvirtova went all-in and defeated her unexpected opponent without faltering or sacrificing her abilities due to the sweltering heat in India.

Something told Linda that this competition would either make or break her, so she decided that being aggressive was the best course of action. Will this young age and first title cause problems? The teenager from Czechia disagrees.

She reflected on the attention she and her younger sister Brenda received while competing at various levels of tennis, saying, “Since I was extremely young, we always had a lot of attention. Linda said, “I’m kind of used to everyone observing how I am going to do.”

but wants to prove to the tennis world that she is more than a one-title wonder by letting her racket do all the talking. Her sister likewise lives by the maxim to strive for consistency and refuse to let others dictate their course in life.

Brenda Fruhvirtova, who won her sixth ITF singles title this year at the age of 15, is putting up her own record-breaking performances. She plans to keep going as long as she can. Linda and Brenda know how harmful it can be to solely rely on the media, so they decide to perform as they are most comfortable with.

You can’t really pay attention to what other people are saying because when you lose two matches in tennis, people start to say “Oh, she’s going down,” and when you win two sets, they start to say “She’s a star.”

Linda, who has a career-high ranking of 130, is really happy to have won her maiden WTA title. She considers both her first victory and the achievements of young Carlos Alcaraz as signs of a new generation entering the world of professional tennis.

She also recognises that it might be difficult to live up to the expectations placed on one while winning a Grand Slam at a young age. Since joining the tour three years ago, Linda has frequently failed to win even her qualifying round. She admits it when she says that her title victory in Chennai is only the beginning.

“I truly want to be in a situation where I can compete in the top tournaments’ main draws.

You naturally want to take home the Gand Slams as soon as possible, but I’ll simply give it my best go and see what happens.”