“My life has honestly never been the same since,” says Nick Kyrgios.

The fact that Nick Kyrgios broke two rackets after a defeat, according to Mats Wilander, demonstrated how much the player cares about the game, despite the fact that he is not a huge supporter of players who break rackets. Kyrgios exited the US Open after losing to Karen Khachanov in five sets in the quarterfinals.

Khachanov and Kyrgios shook hands, then Kyrgios destroyed two rackets. “He needs to gain the respect of his teammates by demonstrating that he is a rival and a warrior, which he did last night. Yes, I don’t like it when you break rackets, you know, but he demonstrated his frustration by fighting to the bitter end and now showing that he cares “Eurosport was told by Wilander.

Kyrgios appeared to be wholly focused to the game throughout the summer. Even though Kyrgios did not win Wimbledon or the US Open, it was evident that he gave each and every moment of those two Grand Slam competitions his all.

Wilander now expects Kyrgios to maintain the same level of commitment and contend for the Australian Open championship in January. “I’m curious to know if he will be able to get up and practice because I believe that during the past three months, he has played so many games that he hasn’t really needed to.

And because he has also played doubles, [McEnroe] would be aware. Many doubles matches have been played by [Kyrgios], which is excellent practice for him. Since he’s in terrific shape and has fought a lot, he can now go home and put in two hours virtually every day until the Australian Open begins. He can also go to the gym to maintain himself in shape.

We are now pressuring him to return home and complete it in some way “explained Wilander.

lauds Nick Kyrgios Hatzi Costeen

Recently, Nick Kyrgios posted on social media to thank his girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi.

“What a journey we have already gone on, dear Coz. Since I met you, my life has truly never been the same; you never fail to brighten my day and provide for all of my needs through trying times.” using “Hatzi is his” “There will always be hardship in life, and I only ever want to experience the highs and lows with you as my best friend, Kyrgios continued.

We continue to travel the globe and experience all the crazy that exists, but this is just a brief note to say that I adore you and consider you to be my best friend.” Nick received a $14,000 fine for acting unsportsmanlikely.