Roger Federer will do whatever to play one final game, according to Luthi.

Roger Federer will do every effort to play on the court one final time, according to Severin Luthi. He clarified: “Regarding the Laver Cup, nothing has been determined as of yet. We will return to the field in a few days after I watched Roger Federer train last week.

In order for Roger to play, we are working. He may perform the single or the double; we will determine this later. Federer wants to play and be alongside his teammates. Although he doesn’t want to elevate himself above the Laver Cup, there will undoubtedly be exciting moments.”

The following are Severin’s subsequent justifications for retiring: “Simply put, he hasn’t come far enough. He has played more than 1500 games and has been on the circuit for a very long period. He is 41. All of these things contributed to his retirement.

People shouldn’t be. only sorrowful, but also delighted for all the emotions they had because to Roger. ”

Will Roger Federer have one more game left to play before he hangs up his shoes?

Everyone who enjoys tennis asks themselves this question.

The former world number one announced on September 15 that he would hang up his racket at the age of 41. The Swiss superstar has tried everything to get back in shape, but in the past year has not made enough progress.

In order to treat himself to one final ride in 2023, the 20-time Grand Slam champion underwent yet another procedure in 2021. The King became aware that his body was no longer listening to commands as he upped the intensity of his workouts and that it was pointless to continue insisting.

The Maestro has through a tremendous tribulation over the past 2.5 years since he hasn’t been able to play as much or as often as he would have liked. In the 13 official games that were played in 2021, there were nine victories and four losses.

In the conclusion of the Laver Cup, which will be held at London’s O2 Arena from September 23 to 25, the Basel, Switzerland-born, 41-year-old will retire from competitive tennis.