The “pinky pledge” of Roger Federer After retiring, Zizou expresses, “My heart is heavy”

Izyan Ahmad, commonly known as Zizou, a teenage tennis player who requested a match with Federer five years ago and finally got his wish this year, responded to Roger’s announcement of his retirement in a Barilla commercial. “I have a heavy heart.

However, I wanted to play with you and say thank you for upholding your pinky promise. Zizou says in the advertisement, “Thank you for being the GOAT on and off the court. Roger Federer‘s longtime sponsors, the pasta company Barilla, recently debuted a new advertisement in which several actors Federer has previously worked with prepare pasta using tennis rackets.

They include tennis players Carola and Vittoria from the rooftops, Federer‘s “pinky promise” Zizou, chef Davide Oldani, and world skiing champion Mikaela Shiffrin. Along with them, the advertisement also features Luca Barilla, owner of the Barilla Group.

“Thanks for the fun times, Roger Federer. Get your racket ready and participate in the homage. To thank Roger, use it to drain your favourite pasta and mention Barilla in the caption, the company wrote. View the advertisement here: Barilla will now make pasta using tennis rackets in Roger Federer‘s honour. With no scheduled tournaments in August of this year, Federer made the decision to travel to Zurich and meet the Zizou.

The entire discussion was captured on camera and made available on Barilla’s YouTube channel. “An unexpected tale involving a fan, a query, and one of the greatest tennis players in history. It has been five years since Federer accepted Izyan Ahmad’s challenge to a match during the U.S.

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public press conference Roger Federer and Barilla make the decision to surprise their fan by taking him to Zurich and following through on their promise. The tagline of Barilla’s emotional but commercial film states, “It’s time for Zizou to play against Federer, who has 20 Grand Slam wins to his credit.

The video is available here: Roger Federer shocks child by keeping “pinky promise” from five years ago.

The “pinky pledge” of Roger Federer After retiring, Zizou expresses, “My heart is heavy”

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