Carlos Alcaraz may not be able to match Rafael Nadal’s Grand Slam standards, according to Marion Bartoli.

Marion Bartoli, the 2013 Wimbledon winner, is skeptical that Carlos Alcaraz or anybody else can emulate the Big Three and win 20 Grand Slams. With a record 22 Grand Slams under his belt, Rafael Nadal leads all active players. Novak Djokovic is second with 21 Majors, and Roger Federer has 20.

Alcaraz, 19, won the US Open this past year and therefore earned the title of Grand Slam winner. Alcaraz is expected to win several Grand Slams, although Bartoli believes that expecting the Spaniard to win 19 more Majors is probably unreasonable.

“I believe there is ZERO chance that anyone, not just Carlos Alcaraz, will ever achieve the milestone of 20 or more [Grand Slams. What the three men have accomplished over those years, in my opinion, is extraordinary, and I don’t believe anyone will ever be able to match it.

Although Carlos’ performance in the US Open was incredible, I don’t believe that setting the bar at 20 or more is achievable. On the most recent episode of Tennis Majors’ “Match Points,” Bartoli commented.

BartolI: Jannik Sinner is an Alcaraz matchup.

Bartoli thinks that Sinner, 21, has a chance to win the next Grand Slam in the men’s game. Bartoli praised Sinner, saying, “He has the game, he hits the ball so hard, he’s already defeated Alcaraz twice, he’s right there in terms of level.”

“It’s merely to make him mentally harder and less friendly on the court,” said the coach. You believe he is a nice child, and to attempt a Grand Slam, you must possess a mean attitude and fire inside. Additionally, according to Bartoli, players like Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev shouldn’t be underrated moving forward.

Moving ahead, Bartoli predicted that “three, four, maybe other names” would unquestionably make the quarterfinals. The future of the men’s game is uncertain once the Big Three have all formally retired.