For the Slam finals, Roger Federer has a fantastic date.

Although Roger Federer has ended his tennis career, many of his records will live on for a long time. The Swiss tennis star still has certain achievements that the other two Big 3 players, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, have yet to match. He announced his retirement in a lengthy message that was posted on social media.

The Swiss, who has been away from the Tour for more than a year, still retains the records for the most wins in a main draw, the most consecutive weeks, the number of titles, and the most of victories at Wimbledon.

male. One of these records always relates to the Grand Slam competitions: Roger Federer has won 10 straight Grand Slam finals during the Open Era. His kingdom’s Wimbledon hosted the start of this domain in 2005, and the US Open in 2007 marked its conclusion.

The Swiss champion won seven of these trophies over this time period; Rafael Nadal won all three of the Roland Garros crowns, which eluded him. In this comic, the former world number one also begins to dominate two Grand Slams with five straight victories in London and New York, where no one can match him.

For the Slam finals, Roger Federer has a fantastic date.

Roger Federer always ranks second in this list of successive finals. Eight consecutive acts that were performed more than a year after his absolute record, from Roland Garros in 2008 to the Australian Open in 2010.

Out of the eight finals that were played, victories occurred four times in this instance. Rafael Nadal broke the dreams of the Swiss, but an Argentine has also arrived: Juan Martin Del Potro’s victory at the US Open in 2009 also ended the record of five straight victories in New York.

The two greatest opponents of Roger Federer lag behind in this particular statistic: Novak Djokovic has lost in six straight Grand Slam finals, beginning with the 2015 Australian Open and continuing through the 2016 Roland Garros. Rafael Nadal has five straight finals to his credit, starting with the French Open in 2011 and continuing through the same Grand Slam the following year.