For the Laver Cup, Roger Federer plays ping pong while wearing a James Bond costume.

Before the Laver Cup began, Roger Federer and Diego Schwartzman engaged in a game of ping pong, or table tennis if you prefer. Both athletes mimicked their breathing patterns while playing tennis.

Federer posted a clip of the event to his Instagram page. The video’s description read, “Just a brief warmup for the Gala.” Federer.

Ping pong is played by Roger Federer and his kids.

Roger Federer discussed his favorite hobbies to do with his kids in his off time during a lengthy conversation.

According to the Swiss Maestro: “Although I haven’t yet taught my children how to play cards, they are already rather good at Uno. I spent a full two weeks with them creating Harry Potter’s castle out of Legos during the pandemic.

Then we enjoyed playing together as we built up a small ping pong table.” Related: Roger Federer says, “With my kids, we play ping-pong, Lego, and Uno.” Federer participated in additional ping pong-related events.

In 2017, Klay Thompson expressed his desire to play ping pong with the Grand Slam winner by taking a selfie with Roger in the locker room of the Golden State Warriors. The following conversation allegedly took place between Federer and Klay, as reported by the writer Anthony Slater:

How is your ping pong game going, Klay?

Federer: Not bad.

Klay: Mine as well.

Federer replied to the tweet with, “It sounds like a challenge to me,” and shared it.

Date, time, and location. Come on,” Klay urged. Will the Tennis King also rule Ping Pong? At the Laver Cup in the O2 Arena, Roger Federer will call it a career. A doubles match with Rafael Nadal will be his final contest. The former ATP number 1 has struggled for the last two seasons due to a significant right knee injury.