Carlos Alcaraz on whether he would think about substituting Roger Federer for Juan Carlos Ferrero.

Carlos Alcaraz, the current world No. 1, claims he has a particular bond with his coach Juan Carlos Ferrero and claims he wouldn’t switch even if he had the option of replacing him with Roger Federer. Alcaraz has won a Grand Slam, two Masters championships, and the top spot in the world under Ferrero, the 2003 French Open champion.

Ferrero and Alcaraz seem to be a great match, and the 19-year-old seems to adore what Ferrero brings to the table. Alcaraz was asked if he would think about switching Ferrero if Federer offered to coach him during his appearance on the Spanish television show El Hormiguero.

“I was unable. Juan Carlos is my second father, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world, I’ve always stated “According to Eurosport Espana, Alcaraz remarked of the Spanish television show El Hormiguero.

Ferrero is shocked by Alcaraz‘s achievement.

Alcaraz is off to a remarkable start in his career.

Alcaraz has already accomplished more at the age of 19 than the majority of players do in their entire career. Everyone is surprised by how quickly it is happening, with the exception of myself, who trains with him every day and is aware of his potential, according to Ferrero.

If not this year, I was certain it would be the following. We now wish to continue. The unsettling aspect is that, in Ferrero’s opinion, Alcaraz has only reached 60% of his potential. Ferrero stated, “I think he’s at 60% of his game, he can improve a lot of things, and we know he has to keep growing.

We understand it now that he is No. 1, and I’ll remind him of this. Up until they retire, all athletes must work on tiny elements like their return, serve, backhand in specific circumstances, consistency, and maintaining composure.