Roger Federer “certainly felt better after”…, according to a renowned coach

Young tennis player Izyan Ahmad, commonly known as Zizou, who challenged Roger Federer to a match half a decade ago and finally achieved his wish this year, responded to Roger’s announcement of his retirement in a Barilla commercial. “My chest hurts.

However, I wanted to express my gratitude for playing with me and honoring your pinky promise. I’m grateful you’re the GOAT both on and off the court “In the advertisement, Zizou adds. Pasta company Barilla, a longtime supporter of Roger Federer, has released a new commercial in which several actors who Federer has worked with in prior commercials prepare pasta using tennis rackets.

They include tennis players Carola and Vittoria, Federer‘s “mique finger promise,” Zizou, Davide Oldani, chef, and world champion skier Mikaela Shiffrin. They are joined in the advertisement by Luca Barilla, the proprietor of the Barilla Group.

“Thanks to Roger Federer for the memorable times. Get your racket ready and participate in the homage. Use it to drain your favorite pasta, then thank Roger by tagging Barilla “The advertisement’s captions were written by Barilla. Here is the announcement: To honor Roger Federer, Barilla transitions to making tennis racquet pasta. With no scheduled competitions in August of this year, Federer made the decision to travel to Zurich and see Zizou.

Barilla’s YouTube channel has a recording of the full meeting that was put there. “An unexpected tale involving a fan, a query, and one of the best tennis players ever.”

Ljubicic discusses Federer.

Ivan Ljubicic, Roger Federer‘s coach, discussed his student’s development versus Nadal and the reasons for it in the most recent episode of The Tennis Podcast.

“Obviously, I believe, the match in Australia altered his perception of Rafa. He continued, “And so, I think after that match he kind of believed more and he played, you know, just strategically also a bit different. I think after that match he felt more and more certain that he had it on his racquet, which wasn’t the case versus Rafa fighting for many times before that.

I mean, I know I’m a perfectionist, but I’m very apologetic about that semifinal matchup at Roland Garros. The match wasn’t really a contest because of how windy it was, if you know what I mean. As a result, I would have preferred to see him compete against Rafa on an equal footing.

Naturally, it was on equal footing, but under normal circumstances, “said he. “Although I can’t guarantee that he would have prevailed, I believe it would have been a terrific contest. It was already this way, but I firmly believe that at that point, he thought he could really damage him in clay as well.

But on other surfaces, he undoubtedly felt better following the Australian Open, and I believe the results clearly support that “Added he.