Speaking about his connection with Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer

Roger Federer, a former world number one, feels that his friendship with Rafael Nadal has demonstrated that it is possible to get along well and be courteous with even your fiercest competitors. Nadal, 36, and Federer, 41, forged one of the most enduring rivalries in sports history.

After this week’s Laver Cup, Federer announced his retirement, and he stated a desire to partner with Nadal in the only doubles match he intends to play. “No doubt. Of course. I mean, if it were to occur for as long as we competed together to always have this respect for one another, the families, and our coaching teams, we always got along very well, I think it might be quite, I don’t know, a unique circumstance, you know, “According to Federer, Sportskeeda.

“I believe it may be a fantastic message for tennis, sports, and perhaps even beyond for us to go through a career that we both have had and to come out on the other side with a good relationship.

That is why I believe it would be fantastic.”

Federer will continue to be associated with tennis.

In 1998, Federer became a professional. Tennis has seen a tremendous increase in popularity since that time. The way the game is played today differs from how it was 25 years ago.

Federer is frequently recognized with elevating tennis and boosting the sport’s appeal on a global scale. Federer has told the tennis community that he will continue to be active in the sport even if he is retiring. Federer stated, “However, I don’t think I’ll be that man, you know, and I feel tennis has given me too much.

Ever since Federer declared his intention to retire following the Laver Cup, tributes have been pouring in. Federer said this week that he is pleased with the admiration and accolades he has received lately.