Rafael Nadal “always had excellent form,” claims ATP ace

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer faced off in the Miami Masters final a year after their initial match. Before losing ground and succumbing in a match of five, the young Spaniard was leading two sets to love and 4-1 in the third. A few weeks later, Federer and Nadal, who were in the top half of the draw, were scheduled to face off in another Masters 1000 match at Monte Carlo.

While Roger competed against the young Frenchman Richard Gasquet in an effort to pick up victories and fix their match, Rafa faced Gastón Gaudio in the quarterfinals. Nadal significantly contributed by defeating Gaudio, the defending Roland Garros winner, 6-3, 6-0 in 62 minutes and moving on to the semi-final.

After three losses, it was Nadal‘s first victory over Gaudio. He dominated each set and maintained control of the scoreboard to sprint to the finish line. Rafa dropped eight points after the first hit while serving at 85%. He pushed Gastón to do the same in his games, and he stole 55% of return points to make four of five break attempts.

In the semifinals, Nadal would face his contemporary Gasquet rather than Federer. After saving three match chances in the decisive tie break, the youthful Frenchman overcame the Swiss 6-7 6-2 7-6. First notable victory by a qualifier who finished barely outside the top 100.

To stop Roger’s 25-match winning streak and put Nadal in the running for the championship, he maintained his composure and gave up a flawless backhand down the line winner at 9-8 in the tie break.

Rafa Nadal won 22 slams.

Rafael Nadal has been compared to a role model by Dominic Thiem for making a successful comeback from an injury.

The best role model for this experience, according to Thiem, is definitely him. “In order to recover from a lengthy injury that may have lasted six months or longer, he did it not just once, but four or five times. And the form was consistently stunning.

It’s a fantastic source of inspiration.” Dominic Thiem was asked in the same interview how it felt to go from defeating players like Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic to now losing in the first round after returning from injury.

“These days mark a change in era. My career has two parts: the first, from before the injury, and the second, from now. The first part was amazing. I was able to defeat the greatest, take home several victories, including a Grand Slam. When the injury struck, my course changed “stated Thiem.