For Novak Djokovic, the Australian Open in 2023 is much more at jeopardy.

Craig Tiley corrects the shot: After claiming in a lengthy interview that all national organizations were trying to guarantee that the greatest players in the world were present, Tennis Australia CEO has questioned Novak Djokovic‘s attendance at the opening Grand Slam of the season.

Said Tiley: “We are on pace to bring back every single one of the top athletes in the world. We are currently in a significantly different state of health than we were a few months ago, with individuals traveling freely over the world. world with little limitations.

This makes me believe that in a few months we will be able to have the top players in the world.” Words were rejected by the former minister of internal affairs, Karen Andrews, who was adamantly opposed to the overturning of the ruling that decreed Djokovic would not be granted a visa for the subsequent three years.

She clarified: “I don’t see any justification for overturning the choice just because he can afford it financially. All other individuals whose visas have been revoked should also be taken into account by the authorities.

There must be different rules for Novak Djokovic and other people. That is unfair.”

We won’t put any pressure, Tiley said.

Then, fresh pages are added to the narrative, in which Tiley explains how Tennis Australia will not sway the government’s choice regarding the participation of the twenty-one-time Grand Slam champion by using the precedent set by the US Open’s organizers.

So, I spent a few days thinking about the position. Australian Open’s CEO: “We cannot pursue this matter further. Together, Novak and the administration must find a solution to this problem, after which we will abide by their orders.”

Then Tiley said: “We won’t get in the way; it’s up to them to make the decision. Regardless of the outcome, we would be delighted to have him return to Australia.”