Roger Federer called me, according to Jeremy Chardy about his retirement.

At the US Open in 2021, Jeremy Chardy competed in his final competitive match on the ATP Tour. The French player wasn’t very fortunate and had to cope with a number of difficult and complex off-court circumstances. He claims that after losing to Matteo Berrettini in Flushing Meadows, Chardy was actually forced to stop owing to the adverse effects of the anti-Covid Pzifer vaccine.

Without exerting any physical effort, the Frenchman started experiencing excruciating pain all throughout his body. Chardy clarified in his most recent interview: “Since receiving the vaccine, I have an issue and am having difficulty. I’m suddenly unable to play or train.

I saw two doctors, underwent some testing, and am now aware of my situation and the need for self-care. I would rather take my time getting back on my feet and ensure that I won’t experience any issues in the future than rush to get back on the field only to develop new health issues.”

Roger Federer called me, Chardy says as he considers retiring.

In order to play again in 2023, the former world number 25 made the decision to have knee surgery, although his physical state does not appear to be in the best shape.

Chardy confessed that the end of his career might be nearer than ever in an interview with the French Tennis Federation: “When I underwent surgery, Roger Federer called me. I informed him of the challenging aspects of rehabilitation.

My position is challenging; I’m going through my recovery process right now, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever play tennis again. Mentally, it is incredibly challenging because even though I am doing everything right, there is no guarantee that I will be able to play again.

I’ll keep at it. I’m not physically in the best shape, and I have no idea where I am. Instead of finishing my career in a doctor’s office, I want to do it having fun on the field. I yearn to relive my fun.”