Legend has it that “Novak Djokovic is my favorite because of the way…

Novak Djokovic had a very exceptional 2022 as a tennis player. The Serbian champion had to forfeit multiple competitions as a result of his decision to forego getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

Nole was compelled to forgo the entire Australian and American circuit in this year. As a result, he was unable to compete in the Australian Open and the US Open, where he would have been the overwhelming favorite.

With the Serbian champion who first entered the nation before being compelled to leave and return to Europe as a “recluse,” Nole encountered some truly trying times, especially before to the Australian Open. Only half of the Grand Slam tournaments have been played by Nole, which has slowed down his physical condition but did not stop him from winning the Wimbledon competition.

Currently, Nole is trailing Rafael Nadal in the race to claim the title of tennis player with the most Grand Slam victories in history, with 21 to Rafa’s 22. Nole is undoubtedly at a disadvantage due to this challenging circumstance.

Some people did not like how Novak Djokovic was treated, and more and more people felt that the tennis player was being unfairly targeted. James Melville, a commentator, commented about Novak Djokovic‘s circumstance and made reference to statements that he frequently made in interviews with the BBC.

“We live in an upside-down world, he has been discriminated against and defamed,” Melville wrote in a tweet. Melville cited Nole‘s recent remarks, in which the Serbian repeated that he did not regret his decisions and that judgments regarding his body were more significant than any title.

Tyson discusses his love for Djokovic.

Recently, boxing star Mike Tyson was questioned about the players he watched on the tour while speaking on the “Advantage Connors” podcast. “Novak Djokovic and Federer, without a doubt.

Speaking of Djokovic, he recovered from all those wounds, Tyson remarked. “You know, I personally adore Djokovic, but I’m just a huge Federer fan. He was constantly moving in the air when he was at his best. He is slick.

He has a lot of grace. Nadal was erratic to say the least. Despite being a fantastic player, he lacks style when playing. Federer is graceful and easy to watch. My current fave is Novak Djokovic. I find it fascinating to watch him if he’s okay.

He is my favorite because of the extraordinary method in which he has recovered from injury and defeated players like Nadal and Federer. He fights like a real fighter,” Tyson added.