Legend has it that Rafael Nadal “manages to retrieve every shot.”

Tennis player Rafael Nadal‘s 2022 has been amazing in various ways. The Iberian champion has excelled on the court, making a successful comeback from an injury earlier this year and taking home two Grand Slam trophies. The tennis player with the most Grand Slam titles is now Nadal, and he has no plans to slow down. However, Rafa recently experienced the greatest joy.

Marca’s coworkers note that his wife Mara Xisca Perelló delivered their first kid on October 8, who was also given the name Rafael Nadal. The Spanish champion was overjoyed since he was now a father for the first time. Due to Xisca’s challenging pregnancy and Rafa’s recent temporary withdrawal from tennis, it had not been an easy few months for Nadal and his wife. Xisca had been forced to undergo surgery.

However, in the last few hours, Nadal wished to greet and thank everyone who has recently commented on his fatherhood, especially his followers. The Iberian champion posted a brief but crucial statement on his Twitter profile: “Hello to all.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone after a few days and so many heartfelt notes. We are all healthy and quite pleased. A hug “Here is the tweet from the Majorcan. Rafael Nadal has not yet set a date for his comeback to the tennis court, but the Spaniard will undoubtedly be a prominent figure at the ATP Finals in Turin.

The second-ranked player in the world has already qualified for the competition and is unquestionably seeking to win the single big event of his career that he has not yet accomplished. At the Paris-Bercy Masters 1000, where he is seeded second, just behind his young compatriot Carlos Alcaraz, Rafa will make his return to the track as a parent barring an extraordinary turn.

The ATP Finals will feature Rafa Nadal.

Mike Tyson, one of the most well-known boxers in history and a guest on the “Advantage Connors” podcast, shared his thoughts on the Big 3 from the perspective of a tennis fan. The American has made it plain that he prefers Roger Federer over Novak Djokovic by briefly disparaging Rafael Nadal‘s approach.

“You know, I personally adore Djokovic, but I’m just a huge Federer supporter. He was always moving in the air when he was at his best. He is amiable. He is quite kind. Nadal was erratic to say the least. Despite being a terrific player, he doesn’t appear to be playing well right now. Mike Tyson described Federer as “sweet and really graceful.”