San Diego chair umpire irritates Paula Badosa: You have no idea, f—- you (WATCH)

Paula Badosa, the fourth-ranked player in the world, was shocked when the chair umpire issued a code violation for “trying to hit a camera person.” Badosa and Danielle Collins faced off in the San Diego Open quarterfinal on Friday. Badosa flung her racket after failing to convert a game point in the ninth game, down by a set and with a 5-3 disadvantage in the second set.

Badosa eventually succeeded in winning the ninth game, cutting Collins’ advantage to 5-4, but she was then charged with a code violation. “You know, there’s the camera initially, before her. Three meters away, I threw it!

Yes, after this point and three meters! I mean, are you able to feel some sympathy? Can you feel a little sympathy? No. It wasn’t you. for the first time ever in the game! I threw the racket for the first time in the game.

It’s not a directive from anyone! That’s where it is! Someone’s guidance? No. You’ve got no idea, dude! The chair umpire overheard Badosa speaking to him.

Collins defeated Badosa in straight sets.

Badosa did get an opportunity to reenter the game after the changeover was over.

However, Badosa failed to convert on two break points in the tenth game, allowing Collins to win the match in two sets. Collins admitted after the victory that Badosa was a challenging task. “No matter how great you play, I believe today is simply one example of how everyone can have poor days.

It was obviously difficult at times to play against Paula while I was dealing with some issues on the court. She didn’t offer me a lot of free points and made me earn them all “Having defeated Badosa, Collins said. It’s interesting to note that Badosa and Collins were playing their first game against one another.