According to an analyst, Roger Federer received the most votes of any player for…

At the Laver Cup, Roger Federer officially said goodbye to tennis practice. The Swiss played his final match against Americans Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock during the exhibition that was staged at London’s O2 Arena from September 23–25. Rafael Nadal was his partner in that match.

The Basel native, 41, was given a magnificent homage at the conclusion of the game that brought everyone to tears. Realizing he could no longer compete at the highest level, the former World No. 1 resigned himself to retirement.

With nine victories and four losses, the 20-time Slam champion made a tentative comeback last year. He had hoped that his final surgery would allow him to complete one final lap in 2023, but his knee did not recover as expected.

His MRI from last July revealed that there had been no further advancement. Marin Cilic wanted to honor Federer in a recent interview. They have competed against one other in two Slam finals and have always had a high respect for one another (Wimbledon 2017 and Australian Open 2018).

Roger Federer is a legend and a figure who elevated tennis, according to Cilic. The Croatian continued, “His withdrawal from him was a jug of cold water for everyone, he will be much missed. Marin intends to continue competing for a very long time: “I became a professional in 2005 and I want to keep having fun with this sport.

The reality is, tennis is my absolute favorite sport. I adore going on tour and seeing the world. Because I watch tennis even while I’m on vacation, my wife teases me about it. Even after I put my racket away, I’ll still be a part of this sport.

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I want to continue playing for another four or five years, so I won’t be thinking about it right now.

King Roger was formerly ranked first.

Former Wimbledon and BBC commentator Sue Barker chose Roger Federer as her all-time greatest player over Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

“When I watch how they play, Roger Federer makes the game seem so simple. Additionally, he served as a great role model for young people and is incredibly well-liked worldwide. For 20 years running, he has received the most votes as the most liked player.

We were very fortunate to have him play until he was 40, and in my opinion, Roger is still the best right now for everything he stands for and what he has contributed to the sport, she said. Barker predicted that Djokovic would break Nadal‘s remarkable Roland Garros record to become the all-time Grand Slam champion.

Djokovic may end up with the most Grand Slam championships, but what Nadal has accomplished at the French Open with his 14 titles is absolutely unbelievable,” Nadal said of his accomplishments.

According to an analyst, Roger Federer received the most votes of any player for…

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