Analyst: “I’m confident Novak Djokovic will improve even farther.”

Brad Gilbert thinks Novak Djokovic has a chance to surpass Jimmy Connors’ record for most championships won. Following his victory over Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Astana Open final last week, Djokovic achieved his 90th career victory. As of right now, Djokovic holds the fifth-most Open Era titles overall; however, he still needs 20 more to surpass Connors’ record.

The only player still playing who has more titles than Djokovic is Rafael Nadal, who has 92. Djokovic, who is 35 years old but is still in excellent condition and shape, continues to be a highly powerful player. After Djokovic‘s victory at the Astana Open, Gilbert tweeted, “I hope Djoker will get the record most ATP titles in his career.”

The on-court interviewer thought that Djokovic probably never dreamed of winning titles in such high numbers after Djokovic won his 90th championship. Djokovic, though, claimed that he genuinely thought he would one day aim for the stars.

“Actually, I dared to dream. I had always hoped to have a successful career. I had no idea how many tournaments I would win or how many finals I would play in, but my goal was always to reach them.

the pinnacle of our sport. I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to be able to play this well at this point in my life. 35 years is not 25, you know. But I believe that experience in these types of games and important events likely also aids in maintaining proper mental focus “Added Djokovic.

Djokovic returned to action after skipping the entire North American hard court tour, taking home back-to-back victories at the Tel Aviv Open and Astana Open. “I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the year. I’m extremely motivated and thrilled to finish the season as strong as I did these past two weeks, “Djokovic remarked.

This week, Djokovic won’t be competing.

Mischa’s assessment of Djokovic

Mischa Zverev praises Novak Djokovic for his ability to enter matches with confidence no matter how long he has been away from the game.

The fact that 7 might get even better with time suggests a potentially lengthy future ahead of him. “That is rather powerful, in my opinion. Novak returns, wins two competitions, and that’s it “said Mischa Zverev. “Despite the fact that he had only one break and was uninjured, he enters the game with a lot of confidence and plays it down. He’ll undoubtedly improve further. At 35, it’s especially impressive.”