Nick Kyrgios posts a loving message to his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi.

Nick Kyrgios published a loving message because he thinks he and his partner are a good example of a team. Kyrgios‘ Instagram image was captioned, “This what a team look like. Thanasi Kokkinakis wrote: “Big boi so romantic” in the comment area.

Kyrgios has been very forthcoming about his relationship with Costeen Hatzi ever since they got together.

Hatzi has been on the road with Kyrgios the entire season. Kyrgios recently discussed how having his partner at his side is helping his game. Kyrgios has been playing the best tennis of his life this season.

“Sincerily, I feel much older and more mature than I ever was. I also believe that as you age, you come to realize that you shouldn’t take your feelings and your physical well-being for granted.

Additionally, I now live with a partner with whom I kind of envisage a future and for whom I must provide. I therefore believe that my motivation is much higher than it once was “Kyrgios remarked.

Hatzi’s love letter from Kyrgios

Kyrgios shared a love letter to his fiancée on Instagram following the US Open.

What a journey we have already gone on, my Coz. Since I met you, my life has truly never been the same; you never fail to brighten my day and provide for all of my needs through trying times. Life will always be difficult, and all I ever want to do is go through the ups and downs with you.

This is just a simple reminder that I love you and that you are my closest friend as we continue to travel the world and experience all the madness that exists, Kyrgios wrote on Instagram following the US Open. Kyrgios last competed at the Japan Open in Tokyo, when he was forced to forfeit his quarterfinal match due to a knee injury. It is anticipated that Kyrgios will play again in the Paris Masters, which begins on October 31.