“That is Roger Federer’s legacy,” the former athlete claims.

The Laver Cup tennis tournament, which was staged at the O2 Arena in London from September 23 to 25, was welcomed by Roger Federer. The Swiss champion, who hadn’t stepped foot on a court since Wimbledon 2021, faced off against Americans Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock in his final encounter with Rafael Nadal.

The 41-year-old Basel native was given a magnificent homage following the game, and he was unable to control his tears (as did Rafael Nadal). In a matter of seconds, the picture of Roger and Rafa holding hands spread like wildfire around the entire world.

Knowing he could no longer compete at the greatest levels, the King quietly embraced the thought of retiring. He has endured up to three operations due to the two and a half years of pain in his right knee.

The Maestro never gave up on his dream of making a comeback to the circuit, but he had to face reality at the start of this summer. Carla Suarez Navarro examined Roger Federer‘s significant influence on tennis and sport in general in an interview with “AS.”

Navarro hails Federer from Suarez

“Everyone who enjoys sports is a Roger Federer fan. His legacy is that. It is complicated and contentious to assert that he is the best person to have lived. It is evident that he modified tennis today.

and the game. Whatever you want to practice, you want to do it as gracefully and without breaking a sweat as he did. As if he didn’t pay for it. All of us aspire to be like him, she said. Carla Suarez Navarro wrote about the Swiss master in an essay for El Pais following Roger Federer‘s retirement.

“Regardless of whether your favorite player. Roger’s matches are entertaining to watch if you love tennis and pay close attention to it. His commitment has astounded several generations with his brilliance. He taught us valuable life lessons as we grew up by overcoming obstacles and succeeding.

Above all things, he taught us respect and good sportsmanship. He demonstrated for us how you can ascend while keeping your feet on the ground. The synchronicity of the events has been exceptional. It was “unforgettable to be able to compete on the same courts,” she had wrote.

Numerous tennis teachers and observers have outlined the components of Federer‘s graceful serve. No one anticipates a serve as strong as Federer‘s when he bends his waist and places his feet parallel to the baseline.