Top analyst: “Roger Federer is the finest for…”

The 30-year-old Argentine tennis player Diego Schwartzman, who played for the World Team in this year’s Laver Cup, claims that Roger Federer finds it amusing how he pronounces his name. He also claimed that the Swiss handed him a racket inscribed with the word “Rosher.”

The Laver Cup this year served as a milestone in Federer‘s tennis career. Schwarzman and Federer were not teammates, but the Swiss nonetheless thought to give the Argentinean a lovely gift. “He frequently chuckles when I say his name, “Rosher,” in the Argentine accent.

He gave me a racket during the Laver Cup and inscribed it “Rosher” (laughs), “We Are Tennis quotes Schwartzman as saying this about Federer. After the Laver Cup was over, Tsitsipas shared a picture of himself dozing next to a racket that Federer had personally autographed.

Tsitsipas approached Federer in London and inquired as to whether he could obtain a racket bearing his signature. “If I could borrow one of your rackets, that would mean the world to me. Since I was three years old, I’ve been following you.

Sharing it with you is really meaningful to me; I wish I could frame it and hang it in my home. I hope it’s okay if you share that aspect of your identity with me “Federer was informed by Tsitsipas. “He obviously concurred.

Look, when he was younger, Roger was one of my heroes. It would have been a mistake if he hadn’t gotten anything from his final game. I occasionally have sexual relations with her and he was quite wonderful.”

Barker pays Federer an homage.

Former Wimbledon and BBC commentator Sue Barker chose Roger Federer as her all-time greatest player over Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

“When I watch them play, Roger Federer made the game appear to be really simple. Additionally, he served as a great role model for young people and is incredibly well-liked worldwide. For 20 years running, he has received the most votes as the most liked player.

We were so fortunate to have him play till he was 40, and I still believe that Roger is the best for everything he stands for and what he has contributed to the sport at this time “She spoke. Barker predicted that Djokovic would break Nadal‘s remarkable Roland Garros record to become the all-time Grand Slam champion.

Djokovic may end up with the most Grand Slam victories, but it’s hard to deny that Nadal‘s 14 titles at the French Open show just how dominant he is there.