Former ATP ace claims that Novak Djokovic “may remain at the top for a while.”

At the Australian Open 2023, Novak Djokovic‘s presence is not immediately apparent. Quite the opposite. In a lengthy interview with “The Age” a few weeks ago, Craig Tiley made a hint that every Australian tennis organization was seeking to sign every top player on the tour.

The CEO of Tennis Australia had made a suggestion that the Serbian phenomenon had taken a significant stride forward without specifically mentioning “Novak Djokovic.” A completely different perspective for Karen Andrews, the opposition minister for internal affairs of Australia, who stated during an interview with ABC Australia that she was adamantly opposed to the lifting of the sentence that prohibited granting Djokovic a visa for the following three years.

Since May of last year, Andrews has been the head of no ministry, yet she is still a highly powerful person in politics. He said, “I don’t think there are any grounds why the decision should be overturned just because he can financially afford it.

“All other individuals whose visas have been revoked should also be taken into account by the authorities. There must be different rules for Novak Djokovic and other people. It’s unfair “She continued with a strong voice. Evidently, Djokovic hasn’t changed his mind about vaccine.

Although he had admitted privately that he was still expecting a decision during the Tel Aviv event. “The question of what all the others who have received the exact same treatment can ask themselves naturally arises if the immigration agency decides to offer him a special allowance.

If the ruling were reversed, it would be an insult to everyone who has had vaccinations because Djokovic is Djokovic “Finally, Andrews said. Djokovic, who was obliged to forgo the North American trip following the Australian tour, has resumed from a “back-to-back” on the major circuit with victories in Tel Aviv and Nur-Sultan.

Ivanisevic gives kudos Djokovic, Nole

The question of whether Novak Djokovic may surpass Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors in terms of titles won was addressed by Goran Ivanisevic. “How much and how long he will play is still up in the air, but given the situation he is in right now, I’m confident he could attack or have an impact on those records as well.”

The former world No. 1 was unsure of how much his protégé would play, but he was confident in Djokovic‘s ability to maintain his fitness. He was always physically fit, so that was never an issue, and if he keeps it up, Ivanisevic continued, “He may stay at the top or near the top for another three years and battle for all the titles.”