Expert: “Carlos Alcaraz has the ability to counterattack like…”

Tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, a very talented young Spaniard, broke out in 2022. Week after week, the gifted Murciano advanced, and in the last several weeks, he has achieved a new level. Alcaraz became the youngest number one ever after winning the US Open at a very early age.

The match that qualified for the quarterfinals against the blue number one and our youngest prospect Jannik Sinner was one of the games that decided the Spaniard’s drive for the championship. Despite having a slower growth trajectory than the Iberian phenomenon, the skilled South Tyrolean has still experienced enormous delight.

In the fourth set in New York, Jannik was on the verge of winning when Alcaraz saved him by saving a match point on Sinner‘s serve. From that point on, the race’s dynamics changed, and Alcaraz received a pass for the semifinal. The two young prodigies played each other in New York for the nth time this season, and at Wimbledon and Umag, the blue team consistently outperformed the other (on grass and on clay).

In an interview with La Nacion, former Argentine champion Juan Martin Del Potro discussed the US Open match between Alcaraz and Sinner: “Although they are still in the formation stage, I would have wanted to compete against Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz.

After watching their encounter in the US Open quarterfinals, I believed that they could have faced significant challenges from a skilled tennis player. They didn’t use variations, which was a concern, and it happened to me also during the early matches with Roger Federer.

We are talking about two phenomena, and they will continue to develop, therefore that is normal.” The two upcoming tennis stars, Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz, are close pals. Alcaraz said the following while addressing the microphones at a BMW event while also bringing up the young blue: “The Three Big? I’m just getting started; they are legends and have won everything.

Alcaraz Carlos shone

Patrick Mouratoglou, Holger Rune’s interim coach till the end of the current campaign, was gushing about the 2003-born Carlos Alcaraz, a future world number one. The French coach freely compares the young Spaniard to the three 21st-century legends of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic in very favorable remarks made to Tennis Majors.

He possesses the traits of the three best players of all time, according to some. He plays the most like Federer, in my opinion. He is equally as active and inventive as he is, constantly attempting to use the ball in some way.

It’s unmistakably Roger how quickly he can get from the baseline to the inside. He also possesses Djokovic‘s ability to counterattack at the same moment. Like Nadal, he is also capable of playing long rallies with a lot of spin. And to top it all off, he serves and returns exceptionally effectively for someone his size (1.83m).”