Karim Benzema, Caroline Garcia’s “neighbor,” wins the Ballon d’Or.

Carolina Garcia, who shares the same hometown as Karim Benzema, responded on social media after her “neighbor” took home the Ballon d’Or, which honors the best football player of the previous calendar year. Such merit!

Bravo to the neighbor of @VilleDeBron, @Benzema,” tweeted Garcia.

What did Karim Benzema say upon the recognition

In 2022, Benzema realized a boyhood ambition by winning the Ballon d’Or.

Benzema remarked after getting the honor, “This was my dream. “I feel quite proud to be holding this award in my hands. It was a boyhood dream that I never gave up on when I was younger. I was motivated, and Ronaldo and Zidane served as two of my life’s role models.

I’ve always believed that everything is possible. I wasn’t always on the French team, but I never stopped trying; I’m quite proud of how I got here, even though it wasn’t easy. Being here for the first time was challenging for my family as well, but I’m glad and I’m going to keep going.

I want to thank all of my Real Madrid teammates, the members of the national team, my coach, and the club’s president. I’ve always had Jean-Michel Aulas’s assistance (Lyon president). Even though the Ballon d’Or is an individual award, everyone who helped me win it shares in the honor.

Lionel Messi took home the Ballon d’Or award last year. Lionel Messi, who led Argentina to their first Copa America title since 1993, was denied the award by German Boris Becker, a six-time Grand Slam champion and former world number one, who argued that Robert Lewandowski should have won after finishing ahead of Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski in the Ballon d’Or voting and winning his seventh such award. Boris Becker voiced his opinion in a message on Instagram. Robert ought to have received the honor, declared Becker.