The ATP champion claims, “I begged Roger Federer for a racket.”

Lindsey Vonn managed to share the sport that made her famous with ATP World No. 12 Jannik Sinner, who also enjoys skiing, despite the fact that she had long wished to ski with Roger Federer. “I will always remember welcoming Lindsey and going skiing close to my home.

It’s difficult to express how very special it was for me to spend the day skiing with one of the best skiers in history, “Sinner composed. within Instagram. Sinner revealed the partnership as a Rolex initiative that evolved out of his mutual love of skiing before revealing pictures of himself and Lindsey Vonn skiing.

“This experience will never be forgotten, and I can’t wait to tell you about the fantastic project I’ve been working on with @Rolex! aiming towards perfection My first sport, skiing, was what I was practicing for before selecting tennis. I adore skiing, and it will always be a part of who I am.

It was a unique experience to have a conversation with one of the greatest female skiers of all time. Talking about the history, the passion, and all the arduous effort that goes into becoming a champion was a truly educational experience.

We all have highs and lows in our work, so I thought it was crucial to comprehend both sides of the journey and how to go through difficult times during a career and life in the sport “On Instagram, Sinner posted.

Vonn saw Federer‘s withdrawal favorably. The legendary skier Lindsey Vonn responded to Roger Federer‘s retirement news. The Swiss maestro’s choice clearly stunned Vonn, but she too saw the upside.

Former No. 1 Federer

One of the fortunate few who witnessed Roger Federer‘s retirement at the Laver Cup was Diego Schwartzman. Federer is a remarkable dude, remarked Schwartzman. “Because of his Argentine accent and the way we name him—we say Roger with a SH—he chuckles a lot.

He dedicated the racket he gave me by writing “Rosher” on it.” Additionally, Schwartzman disclosed that he traded racquets with the Swiss legend, who promised to borrow Schwartzman’s racquet shortly during one of his friendly matches.

“I asked Roger for a racquet for the Laver Cup. He said he would try my racquet and would continue playing tennis with friends after our conversation “Added Schwartzman.