A top coach shares a Roger Federer anecdote

Roger Federer has been honored by Eugenie Bouchard, who stated that the Swiss player would always be her ultimate role model. At this year’s Laver Cup, 20-time Grand Slam winner Federer announced his retirement from competitive tennis.

Federer is remembered as one of the best tennis players in history, having made a significant impact on the sport. Federer was regarded for having impeccable taste throughout his career, and he was frequently referred to as the best tennis ambassador there could be.

Although Bouchard is pleased that young people like her, she doesn’t think anyone will treat her the same way she treated Federer. “I’m not sure if Roger’s style can be duplicated by anyone based on the way I see him. I’ve always said it throughout my career if there are guys that look up to me: It’s an honor, “According to Bouchard, Sportskeeda.

Federer said he wanted to play doubles with Nadal in his farewell match after announcing his intention to leave the Laver Cup. With Federer, Nadal sparked the fiercest rivalry in tennis, and he obliged Federer‘s request.

In Federer‘s final Laver Cup match, he and Nadal competed against Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe. Federer sobbed when he addressed the audience following the conclusion of the game. In the chair, Federer and Nadal were occasionally spotted holding hands.

Bouchard referred to the image as her “favorite photo of all time” after it instantly went viral. Bouchard posted a tweet titled “My favorite photo of all time.” Nadal considered taking a vacation after he finished his career at the US Open because he wanted to return to Spain and be with his wife, who was at the time expecting a child.

Ljubicic discusses Federer.

When Roger Federer shocked everyone by winning the 2017 Australian Open, he actually had a secret injury, according to the Swiss star’s coach. The former world No. 3 told Punto De Break that “no coach in the world can tell you that after a long period of hard work the results will arrive.”

In the Hopman Cup before to the 2017 Australian Open, Federer had a back injury. I’m not sure if this information was well known, he said before explaining the then-35-year-victory old’s run.

“As the competition went on, his confidence grew, and we thought it would be very challenging to defeat this Roger,” Ljubicic concluded. We were initially interested in seeing what would happen in the competition, but by the quarterfinals and semifinals, we started to think that we might actually be able to win it.

Ljubicic also described how he assisted Federer in overcoming Nadal to win his first Grand Slam match in ten years. “I showed him a game between Fernando Gonzalez and Rafa so he could prepare for the final against Nadal. It was at the Australian Open, but I can’t recall the year,” he remarked.