Japanese media provide the most recent information on Kei Nishikori’s injury and future intentions.

Kei Nishikori, the former No. 4 in the world, has withdrawn from the Drummondville and Calgary Challenger competitions.

Kei has dropped out of the Canadian Challenger competitions. He has ended this year without participating in any recognized tournament, as he anticipated a few weeks ago. He currently intends to return in the Waikiki Cup exhibition in December. 20 October 2022 (@seiadoumogera)

The 32-year-old Nishikori underwent hip surgery at the beginning of this year. Nishikori reportedly has totally healed from his hip surgery, but he did suffer an ankle injury while practicing, according to Japanese media.

Following the most recent occurrences, Nishikori made the decision to terminate his difficult year and position himself so that he could begin his training for the 2023 season in December.

Information about Kei’s condition from Japanese media Kei worked really hard to return in October after his hip injury, but he was unfortunate to twist his ankle during practice, which required 3 to 4 weeks to heal. He has made the decision to end the season and resume practicing in December. October 21, 2022 (@seiadoumogera)

Nishikori repeatedly postponed his return date.

The primary goal for Nishikori was to be prepared for the beginning of the North American hard-court swing.

Nishikori didn’t participate in any tournaments during the North American hard court swing. Nishikori had committed to competing in a number of events when the summer on hard courts was over. He again backed away from all of them.

Nishikori has provided an explanation for why he had the procedure in January rather than immediately following the 2021 season. “I was merely navigating the pain (before to the operation), trying a variety of treatments for three to four months, or taking a break, but the agony persisted.

I’d say it was a terrible injury because if I hadn’t had surgery, I would have ended up with a metal hip like Murray. I was very concerned and thought I would die without my legs (footwork). I’m scared a little it will happen to me, Murray used to be able to knock every ball back; that was his strength, but (after surgery) he lost that a little “said Nishikori.

Rafael Nadal made a remarkable recovery from an injury this season. It appears that Nishikori is looking to Nadal for inspiration as he covertly plans to make a major return. Even if he is at a higher level than me, Nishikori said, “I’m incredibly motivated by that, though he has been sidelined multiple times by different sorts of ailments, he still won the French Open and made semis at Wimby, that’s great, his effort gives me motivation.”