Venus Williams should be asked out by Opelka, according to the “heavy” Instagram replies.

A few of Venus Williams‘ Instagram followers advised ATP athlete Reilly Opelka to ask Serena’s sister out since they were sick of the athlete responding to so many of Venus’ postings. A tennis supporter yelled, “Ry, ask her out already.”

“You’re in here HEAVY, sir. Simply ask her out “suggested a different supporter. Here are some of the postings by Venus Williams that Opelka commented on.

Opelka responded to the aforementioned tweet with the emoji “love eyes”.

Opelka responded to the previous post with the emojis for fire and heart.

Opelka responded to the previous post with a heart emoji.

After other followers expressed interest in the relationship between Venus and Reilly Opelka, Venus clarified the issue in 2021. The follower enquired, “Are you and Reilly dating?” She answered, “No @ReillyOpelka shot me down.

After Serena, Venus is the party who is closest to Opelka.

In response to a series of fan queries, Venus recently shared a fascinating curiosity on Instagram live. Venus Williams responded to a fan’s question by naming three men’s and women’s tour players with whom she enjoys a great rapport.

She said as follows: “Serena Williams, Reilly Opelka, and Grigor Dimitrov are my choices. I’m sorry, but I can only select these—and they are the Tour participants to whom I have the strongest attachment.” After all, Venus and Opelka are close by.

According to Opelka, Venus will be remembered as the second-greatest tennis player of all time. Serena is far and away in front. She must be compared to Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

They live right up the street from me, so we practice together. They are the best at hitting the ball. Venus and Serena altered women’s tennis throughout its most challenging period of competition. However, they continue to enjoy playing and winning tennis.

Serena has no other motivation to compete. Venus still adores it, I know that. Serena is already regarded as one of the greatest athletes in history because she holds so many records. She must be playing purely for the thrill of winning, in my opinion, Opelka stated.