Maria Sakkari addresses her detractors with a powerful message

world no. 6 Maria Sakkari asserts that she is still a top-10 player and will be competing in the forthcoming WTA Finals, and that she is unconcerned about outside speculation. In the quarterfinal round in Guadalajara on Friday, Sakkari defeated Veronika Kudermetova 6-1 5-7 6-4.

Sakkari and Kudermetova were competing head-to-head for the final WTA Finals spot. Although Sakkari, 27, came nowhere close to winning her first Grand Slam championship this year, she did achieve several other noteworthy outcomes. “What people think of my unpredictable season doesn’t matter to me.

I simply know that I remain a Top 10 player. One of the two guys that could win the final spot is still me “WTA Insider was told by Sakkari.

Maria Sakkari following the semifinals:

“What people think of my unpredictable season doesn’t matter to me. I simply know that I remain a Top 10 player. I remain one of the two players who could win the final berth.” WTA Insider (@WTA insider), October 22, 2022, “#GDLOPENAKRON”

Mexico appeals to Sakkari.

The WTA Finals were held in Guadalajara, Mexico, the previous year.

Sakkari made her WTA Finals debut a year ago and advanced to the semifinals. Sakkari successfully secured her spot in this year’s WTA Finals after doing well at this week’s WTA 1000 competition in Guadalajara. Sakkari spoke candidly about her passion for Mexico after securing the final slot in the WTA Finals.

“This competition, the participants, and the way I feel about this place all have something unique to offer. I informed my Mexican friends who I have here that I will be rooting for Mexico to win the World Cup since Greece was eliminated.

I’ll back my second-favorite nation, “said Sakkari. Sakkari added that Mexico makes her think of her native Greece. “Every day, I observe that every restaurant is filled. That makes me think of Greece a lot.

They enjoy going out on any given day, be it Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. They appreciate the music. You’re extroverted. You enjoy tasty cuisine. You like living the good life in the same manner that we do, of course. Seriously, everything. You share our love for anything, “Sakkari threw in.