Tennis is expensive, and Coco Gauff is clear that not everyone can afford it.

While thanking her for coming from a nice home and describing the difficulties of the tennis industry, Cori Gauff also spoke about some complex situations. She said as follows: “Tennis training is a challenge.

Because of their high price, not everyone can afford them. I come from the United States and am fortunate to be a member of a wonderful family, but I consider the less developed nations where it is incredibly challenging to focus on this activity.”

The tennis player also concentrated on positive examples of the sport, and surely one of these is her countryman Frances Tiafoe, a young man who, particularly throughout his childhood, had significant obstacles in following his passion. Gauff stated “Frances Tiafoe comes to mind as a prime example, if I must.

If you listen to his story, you’ll realize that he didn’t have a coach and that he first showed up at tournament locations, where he watched other players play tennis. watch the games, When I think of Tiafoe, I believe that if he can do it, anyone can, and that others should follow his lead.

You can do it no matter who you are or where you’re from. Although I adore Frances, she is undeniably stupid. Dreams are attainable.” Then Gauff concluded: “Because I am a member of a minority group, the one piece of advise I can offer to everyone is to not allow anyone dim your light.

Every desire can come true, regardless of where you are from.” The issue of the economy and the fact that it is difficult for tennis players, especially those who are young, to manage this sport have been debated on numerous occasions in the tennis community.

Coco Gauff, an American tennis player who is among the best in the world and still has potential for progress, spoke about this issue in a news conference following her victory over Elisabetta Cocciaretto in Guadalajara.