The former No. 1 admits, “Roger Federer’s game troubled me.”

Tennis lovers cried a lot after Roger Federer announced his retirement. Knowing that the King’s departure was imminent made it impossible to ignore the passing of an era. For the Swiss player, who had been sidelined by a right knee injury for the previous two and a half years, it had been a true agony.

In 2021, the former world number one made a hesitant comeback, recording nine victories and four losses. After Wimbledon, the 20-time Grand Slam winner had to stop once more and have his third knee operation. The Basel native, age 41, made a valiant effort to return to competition, but his body did not do so well.

The Maestro decided it was time to put the racket away this summer. Rafael Nadal and Roger played their final encounter at the Laver Cup together, providing a fantastic evening for all of Roger’s supporters. Daniil Medvedev remembers his battles with Federer in a recent interview.

On facing King Roger, Medvedev

“In terms of style, it’s the hardest for me. My style of play doesn’t mesh well with Roger Federer‘s. I wasn’t playing at my current level of tennis when we last played, so I’m interested to play him now.

I’m a completely different tennis player now that I’m in the top 10, having played in a Grand Slam final, and am now ranked among the top 10. Carla Suarez Navarro, a former tennis player, recently discussed Roger Federer‘s immeasurable legacy.

“Everyone who enjoys sports is a Roger Federer fan. His legacy is that. It is complicated and contentious to assert that he is the best person to have lived. It is evident that he modified tennis today. and the game. Whatever you want to practice, you want to do it as gracefully and without breaking a sweat as he did.

As if he didn’t pay for it. All of us aspire to be like him, she said. “Regardless of whether your favorite player. Roger’s matches are entertaining to watch if you love tennis and pay close attention to it. His commitment has astounded several generations with his brilliance.

He taught us valuable life lessons as we grew up by overcoming obstacles and succeeding. Above all things, he taught us respect and good sportsmanship. He demonstrated for us how you can ascend while keeping your feet on the ground. The synchronicity of the events has been exceptional. It was “unforgettable to be able to compete on the same courts,” she had wrote.