“Those who criticize on social media are stupid,” said the ATP 250 of Naples board.

Cosimo Napolitano, the tournament’s organizer from the ATP 250 Naples, spoke about the event, which was likely one of the most contentious and harshly criticized by tennis players. A competition that was obscured by night. Among the issues with the courts were the need to relocate everything for a few days to Tc Pozzuoli, players being kicked out of hotel rooms, and a lack of water.

Not to add the humidity, which temporarily prevented the evening session. Even though the issues with this tournament were obvious to everyone, Napolitano defended the work of the organization in his interview with Agenzia Dire.

He said: “I have nothing to be ashamed of, and I am incredibly reliable. I dare any competition to locate, get there, and set up the fields in record time as we did with the assistance of the Italian Federation.

Leading the world is Mapei. When it is finished, we will meet and discuss it. Although I would like a peaceful resolution, it is obvious that I will want satisfaction. Because everything else was a result of what happened over the first two days.

We worked incredibly hard to come up with solutions as soon as possible so that the event could be hosted in Naples. The competition could have been moved somewhere by ATP. Anyone who stirs up a debate on social media is a moron. Caiara is simple to play, even if you are unaware of the effort required.

I’ll respond everyone and put my face to it because I’m here.” We complained that the courts were excessively muggy in the evening. The fact that the organizers ultimately had to actually replace the pitches constructed by Mapei with those in GreenSet, which traveled from Florence in record speed, is not even a mystery: “Hard pitches don’t belong indoors or outside.

It is obvious that the fields created by Mapei weren’t constructed in such a way that they could endure any type of harsh weather. Although there is humidity, we have dryers, big and small fans, and other equipment that is used in international competitions.

What else were we to accomplish?” Of course, there is controversy around delays, ticket refunds, and evening session management. Currently, there is an unresolved issue: “By purchasing a ticket, spectators legally agree to a kind of contract that states that the times are subject to change. We’ve provided two options: a reimbursement and the use of the ticket the following day.”