Young ace: “Carlos Alcaraz learnt to put them in the appropriate way.”

Carlos Alcaraz says he “can’t wait” for the season’s final stretch because he wants to finish the incredible year by adding more hits to his resume. Alcaraz, 19, intends to participate in three additional competitions in 2022. Alcaraz‘s debut will be in the Swiss Indoors Basel the following week.

Alcaraz aspires to capture his first Paris Masters crown following Basel. Alcaraz will make his debut at the ATP Finals in Turin later. “Getting ready for the year’s final competitions; looking forward to it! Move along!” Alcaraz included a caption to his tweet.

Alcaraz started his indoor career at the Astana Open, where he was defeated in the opening round by unlucky loser David Goffin. Alcaraz did not perform well in his first ATP encounter after he rose to the top spot. He acknowledged that the pressure affected him after the game.

“He has participated in many wonderful games. He has a ton of experience as well. He has played much more aggressively than I have. I couldn’t handle the pressure that was placed on me, and I must learn from this game and draw lessons from it “Alcaraz remarked following the defeat.

In a recent podcast interview, renowned tennis player Jimmy Connors cautioned Alcaraz that his competitors are tremendously eager to defeat him and that he now has a target on his back. “You are now a target, especially because Alcaraz has won the US Open and is currently ranked number one in the world.

He must understand that he is the target of the entire world and that he will soon need to begin figuring it out. If the track surface is unpleasant or the pace is a bit too slow, he must start winning even when he is only performing at 70% of his potential “Connors stated on his podcast Advantage Connors.

We don’t yet know how Alcaraz will perform in Basel.

Alcaraz is praised by Holger Rune

Recently, Holger Rune discussed how Carlos Alcaraz and he used drop shots when competing in the Stockholm Open. “No, not really, yeah.

We haven’t discussed it, but we usually missed shots against each other when we played each other as juniors, so I believe that’s something we’ve always done, he added. In addition, he said, “and yeah, I mean, now we, I mean, he learnt obviously to put things in the right way, because he has big shots and you know, he can mix it up.”