According to John McEnroe, “many players nowadays are unduly coddled.”

John McEnroe, a legendary American tennis player, claims that players today are “too coddled” and that they frequently overreact to little inconveniences. Tennis legend McEnroe believes that playing the sport may help people develop their character and grow. He has been involved in tennis for more than 50 years.

Additionally, McEnroe advises players to accept failures and mistakes because they are only a part of the game and will ultimately benefit them in the long term. “Tennis is a game where, similar to how it develops character, sometimes you develop the incorrect kind.

I believe that as a person, having to sort of figure things out for yourself while you’re out there helps you grow more. I believe that athletes today are often treated too leniently, and everything they do is making one shot and then turning to their coach for advice.

They suddenly need to see a sports psychologist after anything happens. Although I don’t think it’s wrong to see a sports psychologist, I don’t believe that children as young as ten or twelve should be doing so.

You know, you’re young. It seemed to have completely out of control “According to Sportskeeda, McEnroe said on Sunrise.

This generation of athletes, in McEnroe‘s opinion, is more collected and composed.

Some believe that the current generation of athletes is becoming increasingly irate.

McEnroe, though, disputes that this is indeed the case. “You must be watching a different tournament than I am because I don’t notice many players having meltdowns at all, despite the fact that I have had some experience with them in the past.

I’ve observed a few guys, Nick Kyrgios immediately springs to mind, have meltdowns fairly frequently. Tennis players, though, are exceptionally well-behaved in general. I’d want to see people with a slightly more ferocious anger, feel their feelings, and wear it on their sleeves “said McEnroe.