Major Australian Open return hints from Novak Djokovic

The likelihood that Novak Djokovic will be permitted to compete in the Australian Open in January has been alluded to by the Serbian player. Djokovic, 35, was expelled from Australia earlier this year and was given a three-year visa restriction as a result.

Djokovic‘s attorneys have been in contact with the Australian authorities over the past few weeks and days. Djokovic wants his visa ban lifted so he may play in the first Grand Slam event of the 2023 season.

“Unofficially, there are some encouraging indicators regarding Australia. Through one of my lawyers in Australia, we are in contact. They are actually in contact with the people in charge of my issue. In order to prepare for the start of the season, if that start is going to take place in Australia, I want to get an answer in the coming weeks. Whatever that answer may be, of course, I am hoping for a favorable one “Djokovic stated, as cited by Tennis Majors in Sportal.

Djokovic doesn’t harbor any animosity toward Australia.

One of Djokovic‘s most trying periods in his life and career was the Australia visa mess. He still adores Australia, though, and plans to go back there in 2023.

Djokovic has won the Australian Open nine times in a row, a record. “I genuinely want to go there because tennis is what I do best and I am over what happened this year. The results speak for themselves when I say that Australia has always been where I have played my best tennis, so I am always more motivated to go there.

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Even more so this time. I’m hoping for an affirmative response “And Djokovic. In 2022, Djokovic failed to win two Grand Slams. Djokovic skipped the US Open in addition to the Australian Open. It is uncertain whether Djokovic will play in his next Grand Slam final at the Australian Open.

Major Australian Open return hints from Novak Djokovic

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