Patrick McEnroe: I don’t believe it’s appropriate to refer to Simona Halep as a victim.

Following a failed drug test, Patrick McEnroe believes Simona Halep cannot be viewed as “a victim” and that she should bear some blame. Halep was given a temporary suspension on Friday by the ITIA following a positive test for the anti-anemia medication Roxadustat.

Halep made a statement shortly after the ITIA announcement, calling it “the most surprising news” she has ever heard. Halep has one of the strongest reputations on the WTA Tour and is a two-time Grand Slam champion.

As a result, many people were very startled when the doping suspension was announced. Halep is a lovely girl, McEnroe says, but she should take some responsibility even if she ingested something illegal accidentally or on intent.

Halep must take responsibility for what occurred, according to McEnroe.

“As far as I know, she has always been a really kind and pleasant person, but once again, it doesn’t matter when it comes to whether or not she actually used the drug.

She isn’t denying that she used the substance. She claims, at least in her comment, that she has never intentionally used any illegal substances. The athlete must be fully aware of the possibility that someone could have given her legal vitamins and recuperation aids, as well as something else that was also unlawful.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that it actually did happen. The test is still positive in those case. Now, if it can be demonstrated in some way that she received it from someone else while being unaware of it, maybe it will lessen the severity of whatever punishment she receives.

Simona is not a victim in this situation, in my opinion. As an athlete, you must exercise responsibility. She is an adult woman. She has had a very successful tennis career, according to McEnroe, who was mentioned by Sportskeeda in his podcast.