Simona’s prescription is used for what issue, according to Halep’s father.

In response to the doping incident involving his daughter, Simona Halep’s father spoke to the media.

“It is a difficult issue to deal with. But everything will work out in the end with faith and God’s assistance.

And I hope the authorities uphold the law! Therefore, Simona is completely innocent. We don’t know why she took medication for her glands. Who would issue such a prescription? Simona has never had a personal doctor, let alone one.

She refused to drink any water that had been opened until she was handed an unsealed bottle “ was told by Stere. “Because suspicion is the worst sin, we have zero tolerance for suspicion. Betrayal? I have no idea who it is.

Not necessarily somebody, but rather what is happening, makes her feel deceived. As a family, we don’t suspect somebody until the whole truth is revealed “, Stere Halep stated.

Halep takes thyroid medicine.

Former Simona Halep coach Adrian Marcu was shocked to learn that the legendary Romanian tennis player had been found guilty of doping. His only plausible theory is that the thyroid medication Halep takes on prescription might have contained the prohibited drug.

“I can say that I am pretty familiar with Simona. She and I have collaborated extensively, and I am aware of her as an athlete who has always taken precautions when taking medication. Since it would have enhanced her already excellent physical side, I honestly find it hard to think that she would have done such a thing.

I’m not sure why she would act in this manner “for the Romanian publication Digi Sport, Marcu stated. “If we give it some thought, Simona’s forte was the physical aspect. I’m shocked that this occurred. They will exert all of their efforts to discover the source of this drug.

Simona has performed what I think to be hundreds of anti-doping tests. An athlete of Simona’s caliber must first of all disclose every day where she will be tomorrow. Simona also has thyroid issues, so I don’t think it’s likely to be a medical mistake.

It’s a challenging circumstance for a terrific athlete who, in my opinion, is fair and honest. I’ve known her for a very long time, and I was always with her. In a strict sense, I fail to understand how that occurred. I spoke with her, but I don’t have a lot to share with you.

I simply asked if there was anything I could do to assist her. I believe that this did not occur, and I wish him much success in disproving my belief “reported by Digi Sport as having remarked Adrian Marcu.