The “newest DJ in Formula 1” is Serena Williams (VIDEO)

Serena Williams undoubtedly wants to enjoy herself as much as she can after she retires from tennis. The American tennis legend most recently published a brief video of her performing as a DJ at a Formula 1 race. Serena captioned the video, “Formula 1’s newest DJ.”

Speaking of having fun, Serena just went to a bachelorette party. After posting a video of herself singing and dancing next to a campfire, she quickly became popular.

At a five-star hotel for her bachelorette party, Serena posted a video of herself singing, dancing, and roasting marshmallows. “I adore my future wife so much. So much so that I briefly believed I was Selena rather than Serena.

I could never be worthy of her. fully mature, “The video has Serena’s captions.

Recently, Serena spoke at a tech conference.

Serena Williams is serious in her post-tennis period despite having fun.

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, among others, have spoken on the same stage as Serena Williams in the past. More specifically, from October 18 to October 20, the tennis legend gave a keynote address at the Disrupt conference in San Francisco.

The event’s website states that each year, the “global startup community comes together to find insights, cooperate, and celebrate milestones that have characterized each founder’s journey and for those still to come in the future.”

Serena Williams said she is “not retiring” during her appearance at the tech conference. At the US Open, Williams, who turned 41 in late September, announced her retirement from competitive tennis. Williams spoke to Jordan Crook when she was on Disrupt.

Crook complimented Williams on using the word “evolution” rather than “retirement,” but Williams cut her off by saying, “I’m not retired.” Williams responded, “The possibilities are quite good, you come to my house, I have a court,” when asked directly if there was any prospect of seeing her perform again.

Take note of this passage in the article: Serena Williams asserts that she has not “retired” (WATCH).