After Tursunov’s film, a book indicates that Raducanu’s separation was caused by their parents.

In an effort to raise $42,000 for the production of the short film “Out!” based on real events, former Romanian professional tennis player Cosmin Andrei and filmmaker Andreea Chelesu launched a Kickstarter campaign on October 25.

The short film’s synopsis states that “In “Out!” a little girl named Clara struggles to improve as a tennis player despite continually having to overcome a significant obstacle: her father.

Each family member shows their actual nature as the plot develops. But do they all share the same dream in their fight? “Out! – Kickstarter Video on Vimeo courtesy of Golden Arthouse.

Anyone can contribute to the crowdsourcing campaign to support the movie’s creation on its Kickstarter page.

Tursunov proposed that Raducanu break up over her parents.

In the same month that Tursunov made the suggestion that Emma Raducanu break up with him over her parents, a crowdfunding campaign for the film was launched. Coach Dmitry Tursunov reportedly liked tweets at the beginning of October that said he had “run away” from Emma Raducanu and that her parents were “mismanaging” her.

According to British media, Raducanu and Tursunov dissolved their business relationship. It seems that Tursunov made the decision to end the engagement and accept a coaching position elsewhere. Twitter users saw Tursunov retweeting Raducanu’s posts and her penchant for switching instructors frequently.

“Out Raducanu! Time to board the ol’ coach once more “After Raducanu lost at Wimbledon in late June, a supporter tweeted. Brad Gilbert tweeted in response, “Should have never broken up after the US Open.”

In response to Gilbert’s tweet, another fan wrote: “It seems the parents are managing poorly. It’s comparable to a major league sports team owner directing the general manager to choose certain players or change coaches every year.” Three months later, Tursunov liked the tweet that implied Raducanu’s parents were mismanaging her.

Prior to adding Tursunov to her coaching staff, Raducanu had previously fired three coaches in the previous 12 months. A supporter hypothesized that Tursunov “ran away” from Raducanu when she became aware of the circumstances. “Thank you, I see.

Don’t you think Tursunov almost running away is a negative sign for you? As though something is occurring inside, “Tursunov read the tweet he loved. Later, Tursunov disapproved of this tweet. Tursunov liked one tweet before unliking another.

“Evidently Tursunov made the choice. His new player is much more appropriate for his California domicile, and he was already experiencing visa problems. I’m not sure if he’s being completely sincere or if he’s attempting to placate Raducanu, “Another tweet that Tursunov later disapproved read.

Since Tursunov just declared the Russian coach to be her new full-time coach, Raducanu appeared to be pleased with both Tursunov and her coach. Related: Dmitry Tursunov enjoys tweets claiming that Emma Raducanu forced him to flee.