How Simona Halep can shorten her punishment is revealed by an anti-doping expert.

According to Gabriela Andreiasu, the head of the Romanian National Anti-Doping Agency, who spoke with Romanian online journal AS, Simona Halep can shorten her suspension sentence if she names individuals or coaches who drug athletes.

“If Simona is as innocent as she claims to be and does not know how that chemical entered the body, she must demonstrate this. We are discussing a biological sample, nevertheless, which unequivocally demonstrated that both samples A and B contain the same material.

Let’s analyze sample B’s meaning. The urine sample in question was split into two containers and provided during the US Open competition. Test B refers to the counter-expertise test, or the test that was administered in August “for, Andreiasu stated

“She has not gotten in touch with us for about a year.

I always provided her sound counsel, therefore we cannot argue that she disregarded the Romanian organization. The current sample for this chemical indicates doping. This drug has no upper limit in her instance. Simona currently has two infractions.

both the one of use and the one of presence. The period may be shortened if she can show how she entered the body. However, it cannot be longer than half of the usually appropriate term. Or, she can offer valuable assistance and share details on other individuals who disobey anti-doping laws or about coaches who drug other athletes.

She can, with the approval of the World Anti-Doping Agency, freeze the time of suspension for up to three quarters if she possesses this knowledge and discloses it during the management period or even after a decision has been taken.

According to the code, the punishment is four years in prison for substances like the one found in Simona’s sample.”

Perhaps Mouratoglou is to blame.

Gabriela Andreiasu, the director of the Romanian National Anti-Doping Agency, disclosed that Halep cut off communication with Simona last year because she changed her staff.

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