Sergi Bruguera, the captain of Spain’s DC, comments on the Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz comparison.

Sergi Bruguera, the captain of Spain’s Davis Cup team, has advised tennis supporters to “enjoy” both Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal rather than trying to continuously contrast the two players. Alcaraz, 19, is the youngest No. 1 in tennis history and is off to an incredible start to his career. He has already won a Grand Slam.

Alcaraz has received a lot of attention as the next great player, frequently being compared to Nadal because of his prodigious start. Alcaraz, who is currently ranked first in the world at the age of 19, is undoubtedly a unique player.

You must adore Carlos and Nadal alike. You may appreciate both without discussing generational differences, according to Bruguera, who was quoted by Marca.

Nadal urged tennis supporters to appreciate Alcaraz‘s matches.

It appears that Nadal grew weary of being compared to Alcaraz in May.

Nadal made it obvious at the time that it would be far better to let Alcaraz choose his own route. “I’m not sure. And I won’t be able to discuss who will be or who is stronger that day every single day, will I? When asked to contrast himself to Alcaraz at the age of 19, Nadal responded, “I forgot what I was like.

We have no choice but to admire Carlos’ remarkable playing career. However, stop equating him with myself. It will be great for him and for our nation if he manages to win 25 grand slams. However, let him pursue his own career.

My career has been enjoyable personally. In 2005, I probably wouldn’t have described myself as great, but I would have said that I was adequate. Just that. distinct times. different professions. a different strategy because of how the times have changed.

Enjoy it nonetheless. We don’t need to put him under any more strain. Ask me once, and I’ll tell you the same thing every time.