What a mess Naples was—there was no international TV signal for the championship—!

The Naples tournament was where everything transpired. Due to issues on the field brought on by the weather, the competition’s opening round and second round matches were played at two different locations.

The surface from Florence has now arrived, and the location has become distinctive, the original one, as a result of retreats brought on by field conditions, as in the case of Corentin Moutet. Once more, there were issues even in the hotels: one of them had no water, and the baggage of another player were dumped outside the hotel.

But it seems like there will never be a resolution to the issues in this competition. There were issues with both the previous match and the blue derby prior to the commencement of the contest in the all-Italian championship between Matteo Berrettini and Lorenzo Musetti.

Since the signal restored at 2-2 in the first set after over twenty minutes of absolute absence, it was actually impossible to view the entire match between the two Italian players, a match that should have also decided the winner of the championship trophy.

During the championship, there was no international TV signal!

The causes of this disquiet are still fully unclear; for example, it is unknown what the issue was that prevented the international signal from being available for the first four games of the Italian final.

TennisTV was also without the signal, thus it could only frame the match for the first four games in the areas outside the Neapolitan club. The streaming service itself could only provide updates at the point level, awarding simply the point without providing updates on the exchanges’ progress.

Since the opening exchanges, only streaming services were accessible that were able to frame and subsequently tell the match. Therefore, there is no peace at the Neapolitan tournament, which has issues that are in this case promptly handled, even in the final act of the tournament, following a very challenging week for everyone.

After all the issues with this edition, ATP should now be able to determine if the event will still be staged in Naples the next season or not.