Alexander Zverev’s status has been updated by Mischa Zverev.

Alexander Zverev is getting ready to play his first tournament since the French Open, while Mischa Zverev explains that he is gradually raising the intensity of his training. Zverev was prepared to play again in September after damaging several ligaments during his French Open quarterfinal match against Rafael Nadal.

He then experienced a bone edema and declared his 2022 season to be ended. Zverev will compete in the World Tennis League and Diriyah Tennis Cup, two exhibition tournaments, in December after returning to the practice court last week.

“Last week, we were able to train. We were even able to play for a little bit longer on Monday. He is currently pain-free and in fantastic health. He only needs a few games left before the important season.

He hasn’t been able to play any games since the fantastic match against Nadal, which regrettably had a bitter ending.

We registered for a few exhibition tournaments because of this. Home training sessions with no spectators are just different. Therefore, in order to experience the rush of adrenaline once more, you must be on the court competing with a top player and surrounded by officials.

When the score is 30-30, what should you do? How do you conduct yourself on the second serve? Simply run that by yourself again. similar to your foot. He want to start at the United Cup in Australia. He obviously doesn’t miss that “According to Mischa, Eurosport Germany.

Zverev is scheduled to resume fighting in Saudi Arabia

The Diriyah Tennis Cup will be held in Saudi Arabia from December 8–10. The runner-up of the 2020 US Open, Zverev, will take part. Zverev had previously participated in the 2019 Diriyah Tennis Cup.

Zverev declared in his statement that he was pleased to be going back to Saudi Arabia. “I’m glad to finally be playing again after my injury. It’s even wonderful that I can return before the 2023 campaign officially begins.

I believe the Diriyah Tennis Cup presents a great opportunity for it, and I’m eager to visit Saudi Arabia for the first time “Zverev stated in the press release for the competition.