After condemning Russia, Daria Kasatkina makes a startling admission.

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After criticizing the nation’s attitudes against LGBT people and speaking out against Russia’s actions against Ukraine, Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina reveals she simply cannot take the chance of returning home. The top-ranked female tennis player from Russia, Kasatkina, came out as gay in July of last year.

It took 25-year-old Kasatkina some time to find the confidence and strength to come out because Russia is not a very accepting country toward the LGBT community. Kasatkina condemned Russia’s attitudes toward LGBT people after coming out. Additionally, Kasatkina has harshly denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A Russian official reportedly tried to have Kasatkina blacklisted as a “foreign agent” last month, according to reports.

Kasatkina won’t risk returning home.

“You can never predict how a situation will play out. But I understand that you don’t need to look too far ahead because you never know what will come next.

You never know what will happen tomorrow. For the majority of people, having the support of friends and family is crucial. It’s been difficult because my family and friends were unable to go due to the war and then COVID.

Being unable to frequently see the people I love is challenging. In reality, I seldom ever see them. My father and I were separated for two years. However, it is what it is. But that’s life, I guess. I must express my gratitude that the situation is not worse.

I’m just glad I have children and they’re healthy “As reported by The Guardian, Kasatkina. Kasatkina was published half a year ago. The tennis community embraced Kasatkina enthusiastically when she first entered the sport.

When she thinks about that, Kasatkina just feels thankful. I didn’t encounter any animosity, especially from individuals I know, so that was fantastic. Because of how delicate this subject is, I anticipated a negative response, but none materialized “explained Kasatkina.