ATP star: “Nick Kyrgios has a reputation for it.”

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Nick Kyrgios is approaching life with the mindset that mistakes and failed relationships in the past can be turned into wonderful learning opportunities. While Kyrgios was having a hot streak at Wimbledon, he was being investigated in Australia for allegedly assaulting Chiara Passari.

At the end of 2021, Kyrgios started dating Costeen Hatzi after splitting from Passari. Given that the Australian has been playing the best tennis of his life for the past few years, Kyrgios and Hatzi have been dating for more than a year, and their relationship appears to be flourishing.

Kyrgios‘ attorneys will attempt to get the case dismissed on mental health grounds next month. Kyrgios was asked whether he had any comments to make about his previous relationships during an interview with The Sunday Times. “I suppose learning is the goal of everything.

You just look back and know how to manage things better, Kyrgios told The Sunday Times, adding that this applies to not only relationships but also tennis matches where I’ve lost my cool or misplayed the point. In a really dark period a few years ago, Kyrgios self-harmed while abusing alcohol and narcotics.

Even though Kyrgios was going through hell, he continued to play tennis and was successful. “That terrifies me because you never really understand the psychological fights they’re going through,” Kyrgios said. “It can look like someone is on top of the world.

Kyrgios felt like he had no one to talk to at his toughest moments. Kyrgios wanted to encourage people going through similar issues to open up and have hope that better times are coming when he shared his story publicly last year.

I didn’t really have anyone to talk to, and whenever I did, they would always tell me to “get over it.”

Kyrgios is exposed by Kokkinakis.

After losing to Bautista Agut in the semi-final, Nick Kyrgios‘ best friend wanted to chat about his mate during the press conference.

Thanasi Kokkinakis asserts that although Nick is not perfect, he makes every effort to resolve issues. “I believe that certain of Nick Kyrgios‘ actions that the public views negatively are highlighted a little more than others since he may be known for them.

Some of his actions garner media attention because he is involved, although this would not be the case if it were another player. But Nick is not a perfect person. He made decisions that were likely warranted. Some of these things, in my opinion, are unfair.

He does his best at the end of the day. He is under a lot of strain. He believes he is doing his best to succeed. He sometimes tolerates it. Everybody handles stress differently. He had a fantastic year the previous year. He’ll keep giving everything he’s got.