Chris Evert, a tennis legend, declares her cancer-free.

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Chris Evert, a former 18-time Grand Slam champion, has revealed the wonderful news that she is cancer-free. Evert revealed her ovarian cancer diagnosis one year ago. Evert, one of the best tennis players ever, revealed today that she is cancer-free in an article for ESPN.

Evert tragically lost her battle with ovarian cancer in February 2020.

Jeanne wasn’t BRCA positive, but genetic testing revealed she had a BRCA-1 variation of “uncertain relevance,” Evert said in her essay for ESPN. The Evert family was informed in November of last year that Jeanne’s BRCA-1 variation “was certainly harmful.” Evert made the decision to have preventative testing even though he wasn’t experiencing any health issues at the time.

Evert said for ESPN, “My physicians and I were shocked to find that I had cancerous cells and a tumor in my left fallopian tube.

Evert: I’m no longer cancerous.

Evert’s cancer would have likely progressed to Stage 3 if it had gone undiscovered for three or four more months.

Evert was fortunate to have early cancer detection and successful treatment. “My doctor told me that if I hadn’t been found in four months, I would have likely reached Stage 3 like Jeanne, with very little options. Instead, I was told I had Stage 1 ovarian cancer, and I started six rounds of chemotherapy right away.

In a piece for ESPN, Evert stated, “I’m cancer-free today, and there’s a 90% probability that the ovarian cancer won’t recur. Evert, 68, agreed that preventative testing was important. “Everyone’s choice is personal when it comes to picking between monitoring and surgery.

Don’t leave anything to chance—the that’s most crucial thing. Only 10% of the 25 million men and women with a BRCA mutation in the globe are aware that they are carriers. So many individuals tell me when I discuss genetic testing that they find it “too scary to know.” It’s scarier not to, I’m here to tell you,” Evert added.