Danielle Collins over-emphasizes her victory and is informed that the game is still ongoing (WATCH)

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Danielle Collins, an American tennis player, had a humorous incident at the Australian Open when she began celebrating a win before the match was ended. According to the rules, at the Australian Open, the first player to 10 points wins the deciding set tie-break.

Collins put down her racket and began to celebrate after defeating Karolina Muchova 7-3 in the last set tie-break. Collins’ elation was cut short as the chair umpire yelled, “Danielle, 10 points!” When Collins realized what had happened, he said, “What,” and then started laughing.

Collins ultimately prevailed over Muchova.

Collins was able to gather herself after a humorous incident and continue the match with a 6-7 (1) 6-2 7-6 victory (6).

Collins took a 2-1 lead in the opening set before Muchova won four straight games to grab a 5-2 lead after earning back-to-back breaks. Collins, however, immediately reacted with back-to-back breaks of her own to fully reenter the match and force a tie-break just when it appeared like the first set was finished.

Muchova opened the first-set tie-break with a 5-0 lead before converting her second set points to win a close first set after blowing a double-break and missing a set point in the tenth game. Collins began the second set with a break in the first game while behind by one set.

After obtaining her second break to take a 5-2 lead in the seventh game, Collins served out the set in the next game. Collins won the second set, and in the fifth game of the third set, he also obtained the opening break.

Collins had a brief advantage, though, as Muchova rallied in the sixth game. No more breaks were seen, so a tie-break was required to decide the third set. Collins missed the following two shots as Muchova reduced the score to 7-5 after she prematurely celebrated her victory.

Collins, however, was able to maintain her composure and win and convert her first match point to defeat Muchova. Collins will face Elena Rybakina at Melbourne Park in her subsequent match.